Bova Enterprises, Inc.

12:35pm-1:10pm A New Paradigm for Succession Planning

General Session

Succession Planning has been a challenging undertaking for mid to large corporations for decades.  Very few companies seem to get it right. The shutdown necessitated by the Covid 19 virus over the last 18th months has necessitated organizations to pivot. Virtual working environments have become the new normal, except in the case of those on the front lines.  Workers forced to be at home, now conduct business while caring for and homeschooling their children and elder parents.   
This puzzling situation has gotten even more complex. How does management get a handle on their talent and who can be groomed for more senior assignments and ultimately to step into senior roles?  
In this session, you will learn: 

  • Why it's necessary to know your company’s view of success 
  • The importance of the current state of your industry and your business 
  • Necessity of management input 
  • Why you need to design a program that works for multiple levels-individuals, teams, and the organization 
  • Essential elements that are the foundation for a successful system and or program 
  • An introduction to key Requisite Organization principles 
  • Some thoughts about the future of business