Year Up Professional Resources (YUPRO)

12:45pm-1:20pm EDT Removing Bias from the Hiring Process

General Session
Three in five employers filter out applicants without four-year degrees, who are otherwise qualified for a role. The hiring process under this paradigm has left the country’s talent marketplace fragmented and hiring managers without efficient ways to recruit and hire the motivated, career-ready talent they need. In turn, post-pandemic, it’s become increasingly difficult to connect racially diverse, skilled talent to living wage careers and has left millions of talented, motivated, and skilled young people without access to economic mobility. Now, there is an opportunity for companies and decision-makers within them to transform the hiring process to drive better results for both their business and society. Michelle Sims, CEO of YUPRO, the nation’s leading Opportunity Talent Placement Firm, will lend her expertise to discuss YUPRO’s unique approach to connecting companies with diverse talent and success to date.
In this session you will learn:
  • Steps to realign your hiring strategy 
    • Diversity hiring goals – addressing challenges and strategies 
    • Gaining internal buy-in from the top to the hiring manager
  • Strategies to redesign job descriptions 
    • Intentional ways companies can remove barriers to entry-level positions, such as strict degree requirements 
    • How to navigate and assess “alternative credentials”
  • Methods for redefining your talent ecosystem 
    • Where to start and what to consider