People Scientist and I/O Psychology Professional

12:45pm-1:20pm Why You Need a Data Liaison

General Session
People Analytics continues to grow both in terms of importance and necessity, adding tremendous value to organizations. As this growth continues, it will need to overcome what many have referred to as “the last mile problem”: translating data insights into business outcomes.
To do this, we must start thinking strategically about the skills needed to close these gaps. People Analytics professionals wear many hats as Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Data Researchers. To help solve the last mile problem, People Analytics teams need to add Data Liaisons to that list.
In this session, you will learn:
  • About the “last mile problem” and how it can hinder even the most robust People Analytics teams
  • What a Data Liaison is and how they help bridge the insights to outcomes gap
  • How to build out Data Liaison capabilities within your existing People Analytics team