Author of “PRIMITIVE: Tapping the Primal Drive That Powers the World’s Most Successful People”

1:30pm-2:05pm Leveraging Primal Instincts to Lead in a Modern Workplace

General Session
In an era of ROI, KPI, and AI, is there still room for human intuition and instincts in the workplace? Has the pendulum swung too far in the quantitative direction, stripping too many organizations of their core purpose and culture? Do well-meaning phrases like “be a disruptor” a “change agent” and more “entrepreneurial” leave many employees rolling their eyes and scratching their heads? Yes, Yes, and Yes, Marco Greenberg will argue in his HCI keynote address. As both the author of the Wall Street Journal Best Seller, Primitive: Tapping the Primal Drive that Powers the World’s Most Successful People (Hachette 2020), and a PR and marketing practitioner advising c-level leaders from some of the biggest employers to scrappy startups, Greenberg will present a thought-provoking yet actionable roadmap for attendees to boost productivity, connectivity, and loyalty among a diverse range of colleagues.
Marco will present specific strategies and tactics to help senior-level human resource executives inspire a more nimble, proactive, and resourceful talent base. In the short-term, this is designed to increase collaboration and inspire the development of breakthrough ideas for business growth, especially during times of uncertainty. While in the long term, this will help create a more vibrant ecosystem that enables teams to leverage the breadth and depth of an organization's intellectual capital.
In this session, you will learn:
- How to inspire and propagate a genuine spirit of relentlessness in the workplace rather than just seeing “working hard” or “being busy” as the sign of success.
- How to give managers and employees permission to be oppositional in a constructive and respectful way rather than reward “yes people” who are frightened to offend or take true ownership.
- How to cultivate a healthy sense of insecurity by weaponizing natural anxieties and worries to maintain a competitive edge rather than profess false bravado, rest on our laurels, and proclaim that “it’s all good."