PhD, Chief Data Scientist
Solutions Consultant

1:45pm-2:15pm EDT Empowering Recruiters with AI and Automation

General Session
Recruiters are weighed down with endless lists of tasks and ‘to-dos’, making it difficult for them to get to the fun part of building strong relationships with the best candidates. AI and automation can reduce time spent sourcing, screening, messaging, and trying to match candidates with jobs. AI technology can screen candidates, automate sourcing and matching, and facilitate communications, allowing recruiters to focus on more strategically important, high-value tasks. Join Jobvite’s Chief Data Scientist and Head of Product Strategy as they discuss and debate the best ways to automate recruiting with AI and Automation. 
In in this session, you will learn: 
- A comprehensive overview of the AI and automation landscape 
- Key questions to ask when considering how to apply new technologies to recruiting 
- What the future of talent acquisition may hold for candidates and employers