Organizational and Employee Development Trainer
Anschutz Medical Campus of University of Colorado

1:45pm-2:20pm EDT Coaching Managers to Coach Team Members

General Session

We’ve often trained on the difference between being a great manager and being a great leader – and how to be both at the same time. Now we are calling upon ourselves and our people to adopt a new mindset – become a coach, too. While we are often consumed with getting it all right – meeting strategic goals, building productive working relationships, having a positive influence on organizational culture, and achieving the day-to-day operations that our organizations rely on us for, how do we find time to be a coach? And how important is it to shift our focus?  

Today’s hybrid-remote-post pandemic-multigenerational people force craves connection, yet autonomy; flexibility, yet accountability; purposeful careers, yet the balance of living a fulfilling life outside of work. So, what does it take to coach our managers to coach our people? We will review existing research that has stood the test of time, new research that reinforces what we already know, and consider the expert advice of thought leaders in the arena of employee engagement. The take-a-ways will include coaching prompts and hopefully an inspired energy to re-ignite ourselves and our teams. 
In this session, you will: 

  • Develop a coaching mindset that starts with curiosity and psychological safety 
  • Empower your managers to build engaged, productive, and profitable teams - with a focus on wellbeing and retention 
  • Encourage your people to find their “red threads” to perform at their best and to communicate with strengths-based language 
  • Inspire authentic, strengths-based team culture: a group of imperfect but talented contributors, who are valued for their strengths and who need one another for individual and team excellence 
  • Embrace research-based key findings for coaching inclusion in a diverse workforce