Kowalski, Ph.D.
Development Excellence Lead, Organization Learning and Evolution
Genentech, a member of the Roche Group

1:45pm-2:20pm EDT Creating Innovation through Agile Learning Strategies

General Session

We’re all chasing after innovation—the generation of new value. But innovation is actually an outcome—the result of one of the most powerful and sustainable forces available to us. Creativity is the spark driving innovative results. If you want innovation, you must activate creativity.  
At the same time, our world is changing quickly, right before our eyes. In the new world of work that is emerging, going it alone doesn’t cut it any longer. To be agile, and activate our creativity for innovative results, we have to get creative together. In fact, co-creating is fast becoming the best way to generate new value that is scalable and sustainable. 
So how can learning professionals shape and adapt learning strategies to activate co-creation and channel it into agile ways of working that yield innovation? 
In this session, you will learn how to: 

  • Apply “F.A.I.R.” Guiding Principles (from the world of data sciences) to help learning come alive across your organization 
  • Use Outcomes Based Planning (OCB) to guide the development of learning interventions 
  • Accelerate learning outcomes by activating the agile principle of “Experimentation”  
  • Lead a staff of learning professionals who act as agile agents of change