Flood, Ph.D.
Director Data Science
UnitedHealth Group

2:15pm-2:50pm Healthcare Provider Experience, Burnout, Turnover and Patient Net Promoter Score

General Session
The association between employee engagement and workforce or business outcomes is a frequent topic of discussion among talent analytics professionals. Measuring the relationships among these in order to provide a quantitative estimate of the impacts of employee engagement or experience, however, presents methodological challenges.
UnitedHealth Group, through its OptumHealth business, operates a number of care-delivery organizations with clinics located across the United States. As part of our employee-listening strategy we conduct regular surveys of our healthcare providers at these clinics to assess their experience in those roles at UHG. Simultaneously, we survey the patients who receive care from these providers to assess the quality of their experience in our clinics. We used the data we collected in these surveys to analyze the associations between provider experience and a range of patient and employment outcomes.
In this session, you will learn:
  • How to design and execute an analysis of employment experience and business outcomes
  • How positive vs. negative provider experience is related to patient Net Promoter Score, provider wellbeing, and provider burnout.
  • How provider burnout is related to turnover
  • How indicators of effective teamwork within the clinic predict provider burnout.