Director, Global Inclusion and Belonging
Intel Corporation

2:15pm-2:50pm Inclusive Leaders Program: Building a Nucleus for Change

General Session
How does a global organization bring inclusion to life for every employee? Often, we look at the top of the hierarchy to drive culture change, waiting for our most senior leadership to role-model inclusive behaviors and set the right tone. There is no doubt senior leadership engagement is important; but consider where and how work gets done… in your team, on your site, in a series of small interactions that take place every day. Driving inclusion at this level is led by middle managers who are equipped and empowered is fundamental to transforming culture. This session will look at the steps to building an inclusive leaders’ program, how to embed inclusive practices in daily work, and ways to measure success and drive accountability.
You will learn:
  • The six inclusive leadership skills anyone can apply
  • Lessons learned in designing an inclusion program on a global scale
  • Tangible actions you can take to create an environment of belonging for all