Author and Management Innovator

2:25pm-3:00pm EST Managing Performance from your Couch

General Session

Enabling managers to support performance effectively was a challenge long before the pandemic arrived. Traditional approaches weren’t effective when managers could be in the office with their employees every day and they are failing us now. It’s time for an upgrade.  
Unlocking employee performance in a remote work setting calls for not only a different set of skills, but a different management mindset. In this session, we will review the fundamentals of managing employee performance and explore how to apply these when managing people remotely. This starts with a shift in mindset from one rooted in production to one of cultivation.  
In this session, you’ll learn: 

  • Why adopting a Cultivation Mindset is the key to effectively managing remote employees 
  • The Five Obstacles to Remote Employee Performance and how to remove them 
  • Practical tips and examples for how to address common remote performance issues