Author of "ReCulturing" and Organizational Culture and Learning Advisor

2:35pm-3:10pm EDT The Skills of the Hybrid Leader

General Session

The pandemic changed how we work and, therefore, how we lead. We are redefining and redesigning how we think about our organizational purpose, strategy, culture, learning and leadership. Burnout is on the rise, flexibility is expected, employees are more interested in digging into the meaning of their work versus climbing the ladder, and the overall workforce is younger, more diverse, more female than ever before. Employees are rethinking how they work and leaders must too. In this presentation, Melissa Daimler, CLO of Udemy, and author of ReCulturing, will share what skills the hybrid leader is leveraging most today to be successful for this new world of work. 

In this session, you will learn: 

  • How the hybrid leader navigates leading the organization, their team, and themselves. 
  • The latest research on what a hybrid leader needs to be doing to develop, connect, and coach their team
  • Understand the key shifts from a traditional leader to a hybrid leader
  • Best practices and tools leaders use to stay current, agile, and focused in a complex and fast-changing world.