Head of University Relations
The Kraft Heinz Company

3:50pm-4:20pm EDT Taking Internships Virtual

General Session
What do you do when your intern program goes from in-person to virtual over night? College internships are a major source of top talent for many organizations. Properly executed, they give employers a chance to evaluate potential hires up close and interns get valuable experience and the chance to evaluate a potential employer. In the COVID-19 era however, most organizations cannot safely provide the in-person working environment where internships typically take place. Join Hayden Kornblut of Kraft Heinz to learn how this multinational organization overhauled its internship into a virtual, successful pipeline of early career talent. 
In this session, you will learn: 
- How to evaluate the hierarchy of needs (of an internship) 
- What are the pros and cons of a virtual internship program  
- A discussion of Kraft Heinz’s successes missteps 
- How to measure results and evaluate your program’s success