Former Owner/Instructor
California Health & Rescue Training

9:50-11:20am- “Fall Rescue” Closing the loop on your Fall Protection Program

General Session

The update of the ANSI standard and application of Fall Protection regulations have brought “Fall Rescue” into focus. General Industry and construction employers now recognize fall rescue as a required component of a complete fall protection program. Simply listing the Fire  

Department as your option for lowering or raising a worker who is left suspended on fall protection after a fall is insufficient. This program will provide an overview of the regulations regarding Fall Protection/Fall Rescue, provide low risk options for raising or lowering victims,  discuss potential injuries and physiological effects of being suspended in a harness.

Attendees will:

  • Review when Fall Rescue procedures are required
  • Understand the potential injuries and hazards of falling even when attached to fall protection
  • Understand the risks inherent when suspended in a harness
  • Understand regulations regarding Fall Rescue and the reason they were implemented
  • Review Low Risk options for rescuing victims suspended on their fall protection systems
  • Discuss policies and procedures for fall rescue