Robotic Process Automation Architect
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AI, Robotics, and the Employee Experience

The robots are coming. By 2020 75% of organizations will implement AI projects and these technologies will transform organizations. By 2023 it's expected that AI will be as smart as a person. By 2045 it's expected that AI will be smarter than all brains combined on earth.

Imagine instantly having 20-30% more capacity on your teams through robotic process automation. Imagine having every decision in your department reviewed and measured by AI programs. These technologies are closer than you think and are readily available today. JP Morgan developed an AI solution that saved 360,000 hours of work annually previously performed by attorneys in less than 3 years. Lowes is rolling out robots in California that assist shoppers and scan merchandise inventory levels. Julie, Amtrak's customer service bot resulted in a 25% increase in bookings at a savings of $1m annually. The AI age is upon us.

You’ll learn:

  • The state of AI and robotic process automation today
  • How HR leaders should prepare as jobs are automated in their organizations
  • About the bias in AI and how it can affect your organization's decisions
  • The Industries and careers that will be early adopters of AI
  • The issues to be aware of as companies implement AI technologies
  • AI case studies: the good, the bad, and the ugly