Senior VP, People & Culture

Applying AI to Recruiting for Small and Medium Businesses

Removing unnecessary manual work allows recruiters to focus on bringing in quality candidates, rather spending their time on administrative tasks. Fareportal has successfully increased both efficiency and quality by integrating AI into its recruiting function and internal feedback mechanism.

Through the development of the “Resume Scorer,” an innovative AI tool which analyzes key content from a job posting, recruiters are able to connect with top scoring candidates immediately. Fareportal has also started to utilize AI to ensure that all of the company’s employees are satisfied with their role, supervisor, work environment, and total benefits. This integration ensures that feedback is anonymous, unbiased, and unfiltered.

Join this session to learn:

  • How a small organization began the journey to AI integration
  • The importance of connecting improvements in recruiting process with better systems for collecting internal feedback
  • What we would differently the next time