Senior VP, Chief People Officer

Believe It Or Not: Organizational Transformation and HR Simplification Can Go Hand-In-Hand

The future of work is all about change at an unprecedented pace. As organizations evolve, how does HR continue to improve the employee experience from hire to retire? For starters, we can make it easier for HR to thrive and the business to depend on HR’s leadership and expertise.

Donna Kimmel, SVP and Chief People Officer, at Citrix will share key insights behind success during transformations and lessons learned when things didn’t go according to plan. Find out her secret weapon for navigating change at all levels of the organization and building a strong HR function in the process.

You will learn:

  • How to calculate True North: Tips for building a strategy to ensure successful comprehensive people and organizational solutions in any environment
  • How to chase simplification, not perfection: True simplification is never achieved.  As people and businesses innovate, learn how to take a critical eye to our systems, practices and protocols
  • What lies ahead for HR and how can we prepare today for the future of work