Head of Global Talent

Beyond On-Boarding: Using "Day Zero" Engagement to Kickstart the New Hire Experience

On-boarding is a common practice that nearly every organization uses to welcome employees and orient them with the policies, culture, history, and practices of the company. But is one morning or even a full week of traditional on-boarding enough to help new hires become purposeful and productive members of the team? If we're being honest, probably not. Atlassian believes that all companies and all teams benefit from working in a more open, connected way. That's why Atlassian engages in pre-boarding new starters as soon as they sign their offer letter.

In this session, Bek Chee, Atlassian's Head of Talent, will share strategies and experiments at Atlassian that go beyond traditional on-boarding programs. Bek will also share thoughts on how a design and research mindset will impact the future of early-stage employee experience.

You will learn:

  • Three key touch points that can make or break the "day zero" experience for new starters
  • Tools and practices that you can adopt to kick off your pre-boarding program
  • How, specifically, to track and measure success
  • The benefits of a pre-boarding plan as highlighted by empirical research


  • Toolkit for adopting and designing an onboarding experience that goes beyond the traditional
  • 3 critical tools that can “make or break” the onboarding experience
  • Tools for tracking and measuring success