Building a People Analytics Function: Steps any Organization can take to be Successful

Cloud-based file sharing company Dropbox makes data accessible and collaborative as users share billions of files with each other every day.

The Dropbox People Analytics team also wanted to enhance internal collaboration and decision-making by building a people analytics capability that started with the business priorities and ended with self-service capabilities to get the data into the hands of more users.

Head of People Analytics and Technology at Dropbox, Anthony Walter will share how he built their people analytics capability from scratch. He’ll go through the key steps in their journey starting with the business needs, evaluating the necessary technology, building internal capability for understanding people metrics, developing automated reporting and measuring every step of the way.

You will learn:

  • Details of each key step an organization can take to build their people analytics function
  • How to understand business priorities and get buy-in
  • What’s needed to get the basics right first, then build credibility for future investments in predictive analytics and technology