Senior Managing Consultant

Changing the Conversation with Teams: Culture

Over the past 80 years Gallup has been asking the very best questions every day, and the answers to those questions now represent 98% of the world’s population. Those questions helped invent the strengths movement, global representative sampling, the modern approach to employee engagement, and most recently how to reengineer development and performance conversations.

During our time together, we are going to transform the way you see the world by teaching you how to change the conversation and in turn, change the employee experience. We will leverage Gallup discoveries from our major reports on Millennials, women, managers, development and the state of the American Workplace.

We will focus on managers and leaders who need the most help, those often being left behind by their companies. They spend years learning how to do one job, and then instead become a manager. They never learn how to be a coach. They rarely learn how to focus on strengths during performance conversations. They need help transforming their conversations with teams if they are going to improve the employee experience and performance.

Come learn how to leverage questions that change team conversations, disrupt culture, and cause better thinking.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify questions that will help you take control of your next team conversation and drive a better employee experience
  • Leverage the five conversations that define the employee experience, which every manager should be having with their teams
  • Develop methods for bringing each of those conversations to life, and what you can do right now to create change, and make sure managers don’t get left behind in your company