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The Chemistry of High Performing Organizations: Culture & Passion

Whether you have clearly defined it or not, corporate culture exists. It happens with every action, process, communication and observed behavior. How do you create the kind of place where people can do their best work? How do you build a team that is passionate about your organization and passionate about delivering their best every day? Culture, passion and high impact leadership are a significant differentiating factor between good and great organizations.

This session explores the elements of high performing organizations and presents tips for transforming company culture, a pathway for organizations to ignite passion within their organizations, and charts a course for leaders to follow to support the development of their people and teams.

You’ll come away with actionable insights to transform your company culture and learn:

  • Getting beyond employee engagement to passion and the keys to creating a passionate workforce
  • How trust influences culture – and productivity
  • How to develop high performance leaders that take their teams to the next level