Developing a Coaching Culture for Higher Performance

Today's managers say they give employees regular coaching, feedback, and accountability to reach new levels of performance, instead of managing performance by solely by conducting an annual or quarterly review. Employees seek authentic connections with their managers, fostered in environments indicative of trust and collaboration.

The latest research shows that coaching is the top performance driver for teams and a huge factor in retention. Extra attention is being given to the coaching conversations between managers and their people. However, the many organizations struggle to consistently translate good intentions to activity and noble goals to measurable behavior.

This session will review current trends and research tied to engagement and performance. Attendees will explore coaching, how to recognize and develop the full potential of your people, and how to create a personal sense of ownership for their success in employees.

You will learn:

  • How coaching unlocks authentic connections between managers and their direct reports
  • How to assess your own readiness and mindset for successful coaching
  • How to help raise the game of your team, including helping the best get better
  • How to create a problem-solving team, which results in jobs made easier