The Early Success of Pitney Bowes Operationalizing Strategic Workforce Planning

In a complex and chaotic world, your organization’s survival depends on its ability to change and evolve. Strategic workforce planning is essential to the success of your entrance in new markets and industries. If you don’t have the right people, you’re going to fall flat.  In this HCI Keynote video, Gregory Karanastasis of Pitney Bowes shares insights from his workforce planning journey.

Learn the four simple steps Pitney Bowes uses to develop impactful, strategically aligned workforce plans.

Key insights:

  • Don’t ask business leaders to approach strategic workforce planning as a separate program; Rather, embed it into your business’s strategic planning process and your broader HR strategy.
  • Help HR staff elevate the quality of conversations with business leaders by arming them with a list of questions to pose.
  • Make sure HR is capturing qualitative data from conversations with business leaders.
  • Learn to quantify the impact of your efforts on your customers.