Powel Strong
Manager, Product Design
The Ariel Group
Manager, Global Executive Leadership Development
Ford Motor Company
Director, Talent Development
Director, Learning and Development

Empower Your Current and Future Leaders to Develop True Influence

To maintain a competitive edge in today’s complex business landscape, companies must be able to create empowering workplaces where people come together to tackle challenges, courageously innovate solutions and execute with purpose in serving clients and customers.

Organizations need people at all levels who can leverage networks built on trust, creative opportunity and new ideas. These people motivate each other and take initiative with clear, inspiring and relevant messaging that amplifies organizational strategy, and they help move beyond barriers and invent new solutions through purposeful engagement and committed action through communicating with agility and an authentic presence.

Employees who develop true influence are therefore able to build social capital, share a compelling vision and effectively collaborate to produce lasting results.

This session will share how three corporations use true influence to empower their leadership teams and elevate their people to reach their full potential.

You will learn:

  • The complexities of and the skills involved in true influence
  • How true influence relates to today’s business landscape and the way organizations function and achieves success
  • Examples of how organizations can use true influence to help their current leaders thrive and to pad their leadership pipeline