Director, Organizational Design & Change Management
Ciena Corporation

Engaging the Remote Worker: Experiencing Their Virtual Reality

Engaging a virtual workforce is challenging.  With the growth of virtual and global teams the need to connect and support remote talent has never been more vital. US Labor statistics reports show that since 2005 the rate of remote employee workers has grown a whopping 103%, with 80-90% of the US workforce desiring at least a part-time telework schedule.

The concept of trading technology for travel is becoming increasingly accepted, so the key question organizations must ask themselves is how do I keep my virtual workforce engaged and most importantly how to do you honor flexibility that your workforce desires without sacrificing efficiency required to get the job done?

You will learn:

  • The best techniques to actively and consistently engage virtual workers
  • How to foster an organizational environment that not only respects virtual working but regards it as an asset
  • The role trust plays in engaging virtual workers and the common pitfalls managers experience