Equipping Managers for the Organic Conversation

Everyone is talking about how ineffective traditional performance management is.  Either you’ve redesigned your processes or you’re thinking about it.  No doubt you’ve heard the buzz about agile goal setting, removing rating, and encouraging more frequent feedback.  Sounds great, right?  But if everything we’ve tried in the past didn’t work, how are we going to get this to be effective?

Three years ago, Booz Allen Hamilton radically changed the way they conducted performance management activities, streamlining a bulky, ineffective, administratively heavy process into one that is simple, and focused on feedback and development instead of a rating.

You will learn:

  • What we did to make performance management more valuable to staff and the business.
  • How we doubled-down on change management to help leaders and staff prepare for change. and our strategies for keeping them engaged.
  • What happened two years in – what was working, what wasn’t.
  • What we’re doing to equip managers to have higher quality, more organic conversations.