Former Director, Global Leaning & Development
Adobe Systems

GOALS Shift – Moving Beyond Performance to Fulfilled Potential

This session will provide insight on moving beyond performance to growing your employees into their full potential through shifting the way we set goals.  I am one of the chief architects of Adobe’s Check-In process which has transformed the industry’s practices around performance conversations since 2012, and have seen first-hand the power of questioning the status quo and redesigning processes to create exceptional results. Goalsetting has remained relatively unquestioned for the last four decades and while SMART goals and OKR’s have helped drive results, they have still relegated growth & development to a separate process and conversation. It’s time for a redesign!

The session will cover explore a new goal setting framework that will revolutionize how people grow and develop in addition to attaining performance objectives as an integrated process.

You will learn:

  • How to apply the new goal setting methodology to develop employees beyond just performance
  • How to integrate development into the goal setting process
  • How to leverage simple structures to keep a heightened focus on development and performance
  • The power of visualization and neuroscience in increasing performance