How to Create a Beloved Brand: It Starts with a “WOW” Employee Experience

Jodi Berg, Ph.D. is the fourth-generation leader and great-granddaughter of the founder of Vitamix, a beloved brand whose high-performance blending solutions used by millions, from top chefs in many of the world’s finest restaurants, to home cooks, athletes and celebrities. Jodi believes that to achieve enduring success, a company must create what she calls a “WOW!” experience. She will share how to organize a company to ensure a WOW! Experience, how to make the WOW! Purposeful, and most importantly, how to energize and activate the front line of the WOW! Army - the employees who every day create a better customer experience. This is done, in part, by aligning purpose throughout the organization – so every department and individual is aligned with the company purpose and business objectives.


  • Proven successful ways to ensure a WOW! employee experience
  • Strategies to energize and activate the front-line workforce army
  • Tools to align purpose and business objectives throughout the organization


  • The tools and elements needed to provide a WOW! employee experience
  • Strategies to engage the front-line managers and their teams
  • How to use “purpose” as an effective tool for engagement