JANCOA Janitorial Services Inc.

How a Culture of Caring Reduced Turnover by 300% and Increased Engagement by 80%

Mary and her husband, owners of JANCOA, created a program encouraging employees to achieve their dreams, whether it was getting an education, learning a trade or building a long-term career. This program, popularized by Matthew Kelly’s New York Times Best Selling Book, The Dream Manager, is changing conversations for companies, communities and families worldwide. 

The results have been remarkable. Besides being the right thing to do, this is a smart business model leading to increased retention, revenue and efficiencies.  JANCOA has grown from fifty part-time staff to 600 full-time team members. The JANCOA team is well-known as the most positive and competitive the market.  Mary Miller and JANCOA are part of a broader movement known as Positive Psychology.  JANCOA focuses on creating a culture that multiplies energy and is infused with passion to drive results.  When team members at every level are engaged in achieving the goals of the business while working to achieve their personal dreams and desires, innovation happens. Customers and employees are attracted to this type of energy and success.  By encouraging your team to be passionate and engaged, it energizes everything they do.

It's a shift in mindset that is working for more people every day and this can work for your organization regardless of your industry.

You will learn:

  • The core principles to inspire dreams from employees
  • How to change the conversation with team members
  • Action steps to create momentum


  • Tools stemming from Positive Psychology and strategies to leverage the “Dream Manager” program for your workforce
  • Actionable tools to change the conversations with team members and create momentum