Leader, Employee Experience

How GE Is Building the Workforce of the Future

We will discuss how GE’s approach to employee experience enables people to achieve the best work of their lives through thoughtfully curated moments that matter. In this session, Paul will discuss how GE is focusing on the Employee Experience by focusing on those moments that matter to their +290,000 employees around the world.

Paul will also share a range of initiatives such as FastWorks (helping GE employees develop the skills to think & act like a startup), GE’s decision to move away from annual performance ratings, and machine learning as it relates to careers and succession planning.  He will also touch on the role of culture, tools & technology, and the physical workspace play in the overall experience and how the use of people analytics is delivering productivity to the business.

You will learn:

  • The role culture plays in the new Digital Industrial transformation
  • The tools and technology GE is currently utilizing to improve their employee engagement
  • Valuable insights on how to create physical workspace design for collaboration
  • The ways GE is applying analytics to improve employee productivity