How Pepsico is Refreshing its Employer Brand to Attract Top Talent Across the Globe

Competing for top talent in the global economy has never been easy, but the current environment is especially challenging. A well-designed and executed employment brand strategy is essential to differentiating your organization from competing employers. To achieve this, your strategy should be grounded in data and supported by an engaging candidate and employee experience. In this HCI Keynote presentation, discover how PepsiCo validated and redesigned its employee value proposition (EVP) and its overarching employment brand strategy to attract and retain key talent segments across the globe.

You will learn how to:

  • Harness the power of data to evaluate and quantify your current EVP and its standing in the marketplace.
  • Identify and create messaging that speaks to the priorities that matter most to your target audience
  • Create an experience for talent that’s transparent and aligns to your employment brand strategy.