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Learning and Leadership Development Innovation Sprints: The Rules of the Game

General Session

How many times do you attend events, take a lot of notes, but then fail to put them into place when you return to work? This session is designed to break that cycle by giving you the chance to apply real-world “hacking” techniques to your biggest HR challenges and problems.

The end result? Through this powerful and interactive process creative destruction, we will break some of our old thinking, create new solutions, and learn how to take this approach back to our organizations to fuel greater innovation.

If you are an innovative leader that needs a creative outlet, join us.

If you could use some ideas for how to be more innovative, join us. 

If collaborating with others to create something new gets you excited, join us.

It is a known fact that a team or company can never outgrow its leaders.If we want our companies to be innovative, we need to practice this ourselves as HR leaders.

In this special session, you will participate in a dynamic and interactive session designed to help you learn the concepts of hackathons and apply them to the workplace.