Learning to Change: Strategies to Successfully Lead Change and Build a Better Culture

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are feeling the pressure to find new ways to proactively lead change and to develop agile leaders and culture.  Yet, the research continues to show that 70% of change initiatives fail.  And, many of the leaders inside these organizations are struggling to find a solution to break the “change failure cycle” and build a meaningful culture.  Despite this urgent need for leadership development as part of the solution, less than half of the organizations that acknowledge this need actually have a formal process for developing high-potential talent. As a result, leaders are not equipped with the mindset and skills they need to successfully lead change and transform the culture – for the better.

In this dynamic keynote, you’ll hear about how three organizations invested in their leaders during a time of significant change and strategically combined leadership development with cultural transformation in order to produce meaningful and lasting results. As part of the session, you’ll understand the tactics they used to break the “change failure cycle” and how to apply them to your organization.

You will learn how to:

  • Contribute bottom-line value to your organization by understanding how to assess and enhance your approach to developing change leadership capacity.
  • Capitalize on real-time changes happening in your organization to accelerate learning.   
  • Coach executives and managers of high potential talent to adopt a common language and process that engages for change up, down, and across the organization. 
  • Move beyond supporting the business strategy to driving the business strategy and molding an agile, innovative culture and agile, innovative leaders.