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Life in the Engagement Fast Lane: Breeze Through Crises and Accelerate Your Investments

Building an employee measurement strategy with greater depth and flexibility means you need to play a more strategic role for your employees and the organization. Emerging techniques like continuous listening and targeted pulsing are moving closer to a conversation than a survey; just imagine what you would ask if it was just you and the employee meeting to discuss a specific concern- as it happened.

This level of connection and understanding isn’t just what you need to make critical people strategies; it is increasingly essential as a competitive employer of generations who are used to a crafted, customized experience. In this session, you will hear leaders of large to small organizations reflect on their experiences using insights from employee feedback to deal with internal crises, connect across diverse organizations and double their investment toward their purpose.

You will learn:

  • Specific ways organizations of all sizes foster connection and leverage an engaged culture to promote company values and future growth
  • How to design a census and pulse strategy that makes your engagement program stronger, yet stays true to your purpose and still feels like “you”
  • Concrete steps to connect how customers and employees understand, embrace, and help grow your brand ideals.
  • How using science in your design will keep your values in the survey, plus reduce the length of your survey and increase leader buy-in and interest