Jazz Leadership Project

Live Jazz Leadership Workshop

Engagement and interaction are core aspects of this workshop flow. No music knowledge is needed to gain an understanding of how jazz principles and practices can promote creativity, strengthen leadership capacity, and elevate inclusive team synergy.

Live Jazz musicians are a critical part of this workshop to demonstrate the jazz principles and practices and engage with workshop participants in their group exercises. Facilitators will move through each of the principles, drawing out the analogies, framing the philosophy and leading the exercises.

You will learn:

  • Shared leadership as the foundation of high-performing teams
  • Creative and fun group exercises that utilize jazz elements to demonstrate leadership values and collaborative dynamics
  • Improvisation as mastery of basic skills, then how to think and act swiftly on one's feet
  • The ensemble mindset as mutual trust and respect to reach common goals
  • How the blues foster perseverance through adversity and swing supports freedom through change
  • Antagonistic cooperation as growth and learning through challenge
  • Deep Listening as the foundation of empathetic communication on and off the bandstand