Senior VP & Chief HR Officer
Lakeland Regional Health

Maximizing the Total Performance Improvement Cycle to Deliver Business Results

In the information age and knowledge economy, a firm’s ability to increase the value of its human capital is its primary source for achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. While a firm’s talent supply is important, the true importance is the level of performance delivered by the firm’s talent. This session will reveal how maximizing the Total Performance Improvement Cycle will produce remarkable business outcomes. Using evidence-based management practices in the performance setting, assessment, and intervention process, leaders will discover scientifically valid and reliable strategies to win the war for talent.

Participants will specifically learn:

  • The power of setting effective performance expectations as the foundation for improvement, and what those essential expectations are.
  • The critical significance of conducting an accurate performance diagnostic to properly assess coaching opportunities.
  • A strategic blueprint for leading performance interventions that produce sustainable people change and personal transformation.