Director, Talent Acquisition
Ryder Systems

Proactive Recruiting for Essential Roles

Recruiting is typically a reactive exercise: a need arises, recruiting "scopes out" job with hiring manager, a job description is posted, recruiting starts, job gets filled, recruiting ends. In recent years, many of us have begun to recruit “proactively” – identifying and interviewing candidates before the burning need arises, often keeping a pool or pipeline of "ready-now" candidates available until needed. This approach has several issues, the most formidable being: activated candidates don't stay well on ice.  How do we win anyway?

In this session, you will learn:

  • What your teams can do differently to transform from a reactive to proactive recruiting department.
  • What ACTUALLY matters to candidates – data straight from their mouths and how that helps you.
  • Small but critical adjustments that you and your hiring managers can make that will give tremendous returns.