Rebel Talent: Let Your Employees Rebel

In this session, Harvard Business School Professor Francesca Gino will discuss her provocative new research on constructive non-conformity in the workplace – how letting employees break the rules and be themselves is the key to fixing the employee engagement crisis. Professor Gino will share the research and inspiring stories of global organizations that have built energized workforces and increased business performance with effective approaches that deviate from tradition, business norms, and the status quo – the usual ways of thinking and doing.

You will learn:

  • Why conformity exists in organizations and how to identify the traditional norms and behaviors that hurt business performance.
  • Key strategies leaders can apply to strike the right balance between conformity and nonconformity and constructively deviate from traditional ways for positive business impact.
  • Effective approaches leaders can take to support nonconformist behavior that enables employees to do their best work for the benefit of the organization.

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