Chief HR Officer

Transitioning to a Culture of Performance Development

This session will provide insight into moving beyond performance management by creating an environment that focuses on the employee experience continuum encompassing performance, development and ultimately career growth.

Sue will provide a “how to” approach on framing the environment to support the employee experience continuum enabling natural progression from performance management to performance development to career growth.

Using Vonage's Destination Place to Work framework, attendees will learn how to move from a traditional model of performance management into an innovative holistic model focused on the alignment of business goals to the performance of and the development of an individual employee.

This session will explore framing the environment to set the stage for individualized role-based growth and development strategies to enable and maintain alignment between business objectives and an individual's career growth.

You will learn:

  • Why it is important to frame their respective work environments; the components and programs underpinning them.
  • To understand the impacts and how to manager performance development versus performance management; explain how the coach managers and provide support to have more robust and frequent career discussions.
  • To provide steps to take to enable open conversations between manager and employee to support performance and career growth.