Using Agile Design Thinking and Offering Management Disciplines to Create Compelling Personalized Learning Experiences

Learners today say they experience high fidelity, engaging and delightful consumer experiences every day, but they question whether learning experiences at work are appealing enough.

The digital age has changed the nature of work, the types of skills that are needed AND the way those skills are developed. All ages, from Generation Z to Baby Boomers, within organizations need a workplace where they can quickly develop skills and acquire early notice of skills and roles that will be hot in the near future so they can prepare for change.

In addition, rapid career growth plus a compelling and flexible work environment is paramount, and so it places learning at the heart of workplace differentiation, and to enable that a new type of learning experience is required.

This session will show how a revolutionary learning ecosystem to deliver these requirements was developed using a blend of principles from three disciplines in order to deal with the build vs. buy decision, and how to build the consumer experience and enable the workforce to gain the skills needed today and tomorrow.

  • Discover how a multi-faceted learning organization came together to break down a complex initiative into easy to create, manageable deliverables whilst maintaining a rapid path to a desired business outcome.
  • Learn how to keep the end user at the center of the development so that we don’t lose sight of their needs while we build digital experiences.
  • Appreciate how this approach will be leveraged as we move from Digital Learning to Intelligent Learning.