CEO and Founder
NeuroLeadership Institute

Using Neuroscience to Drive Diversity and Inclusion

The benefits of diversity and inclusion include greater employee engagement, increased innovation and overall company performance. However, increasing the diversity and inclusion of any organization is easier said than done. Despite significant efforts, results are lagging across most industries. We believe that the answer lies in more closely following the science. Drawing from a wide body of research on D&I from the leading labs around the world, this session will explore the critical decisions that organizations get wrong as they seek to increase diversity and inclusion, and outline three key stages for building a strategy that works. Join Dr. David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute as he reviews industry insights around the inclusion challenge. Participants will explore: - How exclusion debilitates productivity and how inclusion efforts can backfire - Where organizational missteps are common - Outline a more effective science-based approach to inclusion, aimed at improving workplace interactions and navigating the pitfalls of cognitive bias