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Why Sticking With Status Quo Can Be Your Riskiest Move

Will 2018 be the year you create huge wins at work? Or, will it be another year of band-aid solutions that don’t quite reach the goals you’ve set for your TA team?

Join three veteran TA leaders as they share their insights into the value of having a vision, and why taking a personal risk to advocate for innovation isn’t as risky as it first may seem. Transition to the digital age of recruiting calls for large-scale change, and that makes some of us uncomfortable. As our panelists will illustrate, a well-crafted vision can reduce risk, and lead to game-changing results for your organization.

Each of these panelists had a vision for transforming TA in their organization. They’ll discuss:

  • Critical challenges they faced
  • The strategic vision they put in place
  • Obstacles and roadblocks they navigated
  • Their approach to risk, and the rewards they have seen since pursuing their vision.

Whether your personal obstacle is streamlining your hiring process, adding new HR technology solutions, or finding ways to get your recruiters to be more strategic, this panel will help you find the resolve to put your vision into motion for better TA performance in 2018.