Workplace Culture & Improved Engagement

As an authority on building an effective culture and developing highly motivated teams through real experience and practice, John will share the challenges and the blockers that come with shifting a workplace culture.  Discover the massive opportunities that exist when a company is able to successfully execute on culture change.

“Engagement is when we all feel an authentic connection to purpose.”  The employee experience is grounded on leaders who are positive and empowering so let’s break down the stigma associated with leaders being closed off and impenetrable. It’s okay for us to not be perfect. We are human beings. By expressing thoughts that matter, on issues that matter, we are in essence showing the truest expression of ourselves. Thus, we are leading naturally, which allows others to feel safe enough to follow and explore inward.

What you will learn from this session:

  • A clear understanding of the link between individual well-being and engagement
  • Techniques you can employ to start a culture change
  • Effective strategies to become a positive leader