Ahn, Ph.D.
President Americas, and Chief Behavioral Science Officer

Dr. Janet Ahn is an expert academic researcher, professor, and consultant. She is MindGym's first Chief Behavioral Science Officer leading product innovation and R&D and serving as primary subject matter expert translating academic models into scalable and actionable insights to solve organizational problems. She is also MindGym's President Americas. She is a trained psychologist from Barnard College, Columbia University (Bachelor degree in Psychology), New York University (Ph.D. in Social Psychology), and Teachers College, Columbia University (postdoctoral fellowship). Prior to joining MindGym, she was a tenure-track professor of Psychology at a large public university in New Jersey, where she created tools and interventions to increase persistence and retention for underrepresented groups (women and persons of color) in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) fields. She published in high-impact, peer-reviewed academic journals topics related to motivation, goal pursuit, cognitive biases. She is a sought-after speaker in academic and industry conferences and is also a skilled statistician. Her research has been featured in several media sources - Business Insider, NPR, Times Higher Education, CBS, Women's Health Magazine, etc. She consulted for various Fortune 500 organizations, educational institutions, and non-profit agencies.