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Getting ahead of the Fire: Preventing Burnout before it’s Too Late

Engage Your People

Thursday, June 2, 2022

1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT
Add event to your calendar:20220602T170000Z20220602T180000ZGetting ahead of the Fire: Preventing Burnout before it’s Too LateThe topic of burnout has been top of mind for employers and employees alike for years now. Despite the spotlight on this well-known problem, burnout persists in employees across the globe. Limeade research found that the majority of workers who quit their job in 2021, (40%) cited burnout as the top reasons for their departure. Today, fewer than one in four U.S. employees feel strongly that their organization cares about their well-being — the lowest percentage in nearly a decade, according to Gallup. But the question remains: How do you beat burnout before it impacts your employees? Limeade is picking apart the proven strategies its customers have enacted to not only reduce burnout, but prevent it, turning the tides from being reactive, to proactive. If other methods to tackle burnout have not moved the needle for your organization, join our webinar to hear real-life examples of ways to get ahead of burnout with a holistic well-being program. Join us and learn: The power of tiny habits paired with company care How to drive essential benefits to the right people at the right time Ways to create a well-being experience people love - https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hci.org%2Fwebcast%2Fgetting-ahead-fire-preventing-burnout-its-too-lateHuman Capital Institutenoreply@hci.orgAmerica/New_Yorkpublic