Miller Williams
Head of Diversity and Inclusion
Ferrara Candy Company

9:25 am

9:25am-10:10am Fostering Inclusion during Organizational Change

General Session

The average company has experienced at least five enterprise-wide changes in the past three years - with more to come. While change can be nerve-wracking, it’s during these times that a company, its teams, and its employees can grow together and be more inclusive.

Organizational change offers opportunities to increase diversity, unite people, and empower everyone to lift their voices. This doesn’t happen by accident; it takes intention, and leaders must invest in the effort and resources that inclusion requires.

In this session, you will learn the value of diversity and inclusion at the center of change initiatives.

In ths session, you will learn:

- How to leverage the value of diversity and inclusion in organizational resilience

- How to empower all employees to be transparent and contribute during times of change to better engage and retain talent

- Tangible steps to lead your organization to embrace more diverse points of view which improves decision making, attracts new talent, and increases innovation