Head of Talent Analytics, Workplace Safety and Insurance
Board of Ontario

3:25 pm

3:25pm-4:05pm Building HR Analytics Teams from Tech to Public Sectors: A Journey of Discovery

Concurrent Session
Talent, more than anything else, is critical to the success of an organization, either in profit-driven private industry or mission-driven public sector. The same stays true to HR Analytics. A high-performing HR analytics team drives operational effectiveness and help maximize HR's value to broader business. Despite drastic cultural and organizational differences between the tech sector and a public agency, Julie You Lin has learned that HR analytics teams face similar challenges and struggles when striving to move up the maturity curve. From a team and capability building perspective, what can a public agency learn from the tech sector? Or vice versa? 
In this session, you will learn: 
- The key elements in building a strong HR analytics team that works for you 
-  Insights on acquiring HR analytics tools vs. hiring additional resource in order to scale the function