Senior Vice President – Talent Solutions

2:30 pm

2:30pm-3:00pm EDT Building a Viable Workforce Strategy in a Volatile Environment

The manner in which most businesses operate today was probably unimaginable a year ago. Approximately 63% of the global workforce remains deployed remotely and 18% of new job postings do not specify a location. Nearly 20% of Fortune 1000 companies have announced plans to maintain their remote workforce indefinitely through 2020 or beyond. Many companies are struggling to determine how, when, or if they can bring their workforce back on-site. To develop both their short-term and long-term workforce strategies they need to look at their internal and external data. What are their organization’s skill-based requirements and location-based needs? Who can stay remote versus who needs to be on-site? What safety and production measures are in place to ensure continuity? 
Join Jim,  as he shares talent strategies and how clients are navigating the environmental impact on business outlook and the important decisions that employers are making. 
In this session, you will learn: 
- Best practices and how leading employers are adjusting process and practice in response to health concerns (social distancing, onsite schedule/rotations, health screenings, contact tracing, PPE provision etc.) 
- The impact of COVID-19 on wages and how government aid and other local incentives/support will play a role in the future 
- Best practices to address the childcare gap, non-wage incentives, retention strategies, and the current health/family concerns of workers and candidates 
- Remote workforce modeling – best practices and considerations in aligning appropriate skills remotely