Vice President, Inclusion, Culture & Employee Experience

1:15 pm

1:15pm-1:45pm Designing an Intentional Employee Experience

General Session

What do you get when you have four CEOs, two major acquisitions, and a company split in just over four years? Whiplash? An ulcer? A group of employees who feel lost and confused? The answer: all of the above! With the Accidental Employee Experience, companies wait for the dust to settle and hope that with the agility and resilience of their amazing team, things will fall back into place. But smart Internal Communications and HR teams know they need a strategy and a plan to make the “organic” magic happen. The Intentional Employee Experience requires a solid investment… a commitment to doing the hard work to create a fertile environment for your company culture to grow.

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to design your own Intentional Employee Experience by:

- Uniquely positioning HR/Internal Comms to become the champions of employee experience

- Aligning functional teams, like IT and Finance, around a new way of delivering their services •

- Leading a shift from process-driven to employee-focused change management